Mt McCaleb stands watch over the City of Mackay.

The mountain peak was named after Jesse McCaleb who was killed by Indians in a battle which took place where the Mackay Reservoir is now.

                  Mt Borah
Idaho's highest peak at 12668 ft.
is approximately 20 miles from Mackay.

The City of Mackay is located on U.S.  Highway 93 in south Custer County, Idaho. The population of Mackay was 517 as identified in the 2010 census. Mackay is situated between the White Knob Mountain Range and the Lost River Mountain Range which are home to the highest mountains in Idaho earning Mackay the nickname "Top of Idaho."

                     John W. Mackay

The City of Mackay (pronounced MACKee) was founded in 1901 by Wayne Darlington, the owner of the Empire Mine (originally known as the White Knob Mine).  Darlington pursuaded John W. Mackay of Nevada Comstock Load fame to invest in his mining operation located below (what is now) Mackay Peak near the (now ghost) town of White Knob. Mackay arranged to have a branch of the Oregon Shortline Railroad built from Blackfoot into the area to ship supplies into the mines and products from the mines. The town of Mackay was located at the end of the Oregon Short Line Railroad.  Buildings from the once thriving town of Houston were moved 5 miles to the rails end resulting in the death of Houston and the birth of Mackay. Although named after him, Mackay never set foot in the town. Mackay has a rich mining and associated logging history as well as farming and ranching. With mining and logging essentially shut down, the main economy now revolves around farming and ranching, tourism, and the Idaho National Laboratory.